We Do Repairs!

We repair all high-speed, low-speed and electric attachments for every make and model.


We provide handpiece service anywhere in Canada with no shipping fees.

New Machines!

We sell brand new and refurbished high-speed handpieces, slow-speed motors and attachments.

Also Included!

Our sales include lubricants, delivery unit accessories, BioPure, Germstar and more.


The Handpiece Guy is an authorized dealer for Dentalree.com

We are selling Crosstech dental burs, rated #1 by Gordon J Christensen in the Clinicians Report.

Multi-Layered Crosstech Diamond

As Low As $2.25 Per Bur

One-Piece Carbide

As Low As $1.50 Per Bur

The Handpiece Guy is the Canadian Distributor for Dentalree.com burs Across Canada